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The game nicely ties the nintendo plot of Chrono Trigger games with it's own, but don't expect too many references.
I'm using the ntsc version of the game.Now i saw this, this really good.Chrono cross or ff8 uses gateways to get to a disk ie complete a disk insert next disk.Please do not post a support game request without first reading and sour following the advice in this topic has been deleted.If you highlight the folder in Emulation Station and press 'select the last option in the resulting menu will games only alter/add meta quicktime data for that particular item.Your save game will with be there, model beside you will save your game on the new disk too, so yeah it will [email protected], glad it works.It is likely that you may not like this game is you were a fan of the previous game.Thanks for the help this makes things a lot better.So just been getting into retropie again and wanted to give my two cents here in case anyone stumbles across this issue: "So I've cream been trying a few things now in order to eliminate these extra folders.Chrono Cross is a very episode different experience then Chrono Trigger.Real4rever rates this game: 5/5 i played chrono trigger around 7-8 years ago.Didn't they solve that problem game [email protected] with so are you saying that when I finish disc 1 of final fantasy IX i can just start the disc 2 file crack and my save game will be there?Remove the.cue extension you reference them in the M3U.Each of them is original, both in their abilities and their personalities, humanity really feels in them.You need to keep in mind that the compression affects the loading times.It beats even other great Square classics like FF (anyone in the whole franchise) in terms of storyline, character depthness and visual nintendo design.You can just highlight the folder, press 'select' and then set or scrape the meta data like any other entry.To eliminate the M3U and the an additional cue file for each disc showing up I found the following workaround: Remove the.cue extension on the multi-disc files so that es_g won't list them. Here are some options: why would you like to have them into one file?
I driver like the idea of a folder containing the disc files but then you lose the meta data from the main games because it just shows it as a selection not a game.

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When the game asks you to switch disk, just do it via the rgui menu.
Many dislike it for being so different from its beloved predecessor, but if you can accept this game for what it is, you will realize that chrono cross disk 1 iso it is a brilliant work and valuable asset for those who believe games have the capacity to be art.