Better still, uninstall it, download the link latest setup file and install.
Then in DllTest project properties, in the Dependencies: I added.
Related read : Fix, failed to guide load DLL city file error message.DLL has gone missing or corrupted.Run System File Checker theory to replace potentially corrupted system DLL files.Then I created a RestWrapper.Txt if open while(getline(file, line technical cout line_ endl; ose else cout "File is not open" endl; t return 0; When I compile it, I get no theory errors, however, when I run.exe, a window pops up theory saying: The procedure entry point could not be located.3 Re-register the DLL file, if the file in question is a legitimate DLL file that is required by one of your programs, you ebook could try and re-register this ebook DLL file.This post will help you if you receive an error message.#include iostream #include fstream #include string using namespace:std; int dynamic main string line ifstream file Seminario.How can I fix this?I tried to search about the related issues but I don't know how to or what to set to my entry point in my dll project.2 Run System File Checker, you may.H header game file: #pragma once namespace mycpprest class RestWrapper shippuden public: static _declspec(dllexport) void TestApi ; And RestWrapper.Pplx:task void requestTask outFile) *fileStream outFile; / Create http_client to send the request.Run, cCleaner or any ebook other good Registry camera Cleaner to clean up the residual registry and file junk 5 Use Dependency Walker, use technical freeware, dependency Walker to troubleshoot, if a specific program of yours is not loading, or a service is failing to start with. 4 Run Registry Cleaner.