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The choice to using English Only dialog for all VO's added to Options Menu.Tunnel flags appear in the minimap as vertical flags, differentiating them from the regular horizontal flag.CDkey hash added to stplayers output.If the WW2mod is installed after the.2 patch, the WW2 mod will not games function properly.Spectator Mode Controls: Use game Space Bar reasoning to cycle through the 4 camera types, or use the associated Function key.3d map now shows friendly mines, traps, explosives, slot ammo kelley boxes, and manuale medical cabinets.The pilot rocket can drop bombs with david primary fire.Can no longer deploy Claymores when kelley in armed passenger position kelley (they rocket would explode).Free Camera manuale (F9 Team 1 Chase Camera (F10 Team 2 Chase Camera (F11 and mania Control Point Camera (F12).note* This is the initial patch, ment to fix a few ASE problems, and some balancing issues that have been brought. Increased games destabilization of Cobra when no driver, making it harder to switch to the 2nd position to fire heatseekers.
Once a buddy has been added to the n (located in the settingsprofilesprofile_name folder that file can be edited manually to adjust the RGB value of the individual buddies.

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Balance/gameplay tweaks -Helicopter pads at main bases will not reload or repair helicopters occupied by enemy players, even after the control point is taken by the enemy.
Battlefield Vietnam Dedicated Server.2-1.21 battlefield vietnam downgrade patch Incremental.