Thanks so pilot much for any hipaa help and I makeup will gladly give any more info to owners solve this.
Dont know if that helps.
Ive tested files with requirement multiman.Also when I hit the center ps3 button on controller to view xmb when game is cracked running I see god of war collection in app_home/PS3_Game like it should be but home I cannot select it because ps3 might lock up or shut off because Ive tried.I installed MultiMAN.15.05, Roger manager simpo or something, Black box ftp you name.Im new to PS3 scene but not for any other console that has hit the streets.Dont know what patch does.I select it and choose no when it asks if I want to start without going sten to xmb.The game I see is grand theft auto, the retail management blueray game im using in drive not god of war collection that I selected.Jailbreak was successful on first attempt.I get high kicked back to xmb and go to app_home/PS3_Game above install package cyberghost files.I only have gta right now but im convinced that any retail game is going to show in app_home/PS3_Game and not game I selected in a manager.When cyberghost I was playing around with multiman after i transfered God Of avid War compser collection I hit the patch button I think its.Also just tried infamous with same result. I go to multiman.
(I've tried other managers).I see the game with cover art.
Ok here is the problem.