One issue that chipset was repeatedly brought up by the batmanpdf community over resources the past weeks was the new virtua CPUs idle behaviour crack both in terms of temperature as well as voltages.
AMD has now addressed this concern and tweaked the cppc2 behaviour in the new Ryzen power plans with the release n-gage of a patch new chipset driver package.
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Monitoring applications that virtua are badly programmed tend to have a too heavy of a monitoring loop that causes load on the CPU triggering a frequency ramp-up as the CPU is tales seeing a larger load.In a blog post titled ".AMD Ryzen 9 3900X and, ryzen 7 3700X launched, an issue showed up where you couldn't play.These degradations have nothing administration to do with the new power plan / sparbuch idle behaviour; it's more likely that this is caused by the temporary workaround for the rdrand (Destiny 2) issues.AMD says this is a better representation of the temperature of the CPU.A new version of Ryzen Master now includes a different temperature readout algorithm that is meant to better represent the overall temperature of the die rather than the absolute maximum a sensor reports.We should mention that the workaround for the Destiny 2 issue here is only a beta solution, and could potentially have some side effects down the road.For instance, there are some changes to the way AMD Ryzen 3000 processors will report voltages, clock speeds and temperatures in order to make the CPU behavior easier to understand from a surface level.For instance, some slowdowns have been reported, according to a post from.By the time that these chips are more widely available we're sure the bios updates will be available for download.Seemingly the frequency up-scaling has also been slightly slowed down as in my quick testing I saw frequency ramp up half as quickly.In particular, the new parts seemingly looked like they rarely idled at lower performance states and instead looked to remain at high ghosts frequencies even when not doing much.Destiny 2 on the new chips.Note: batman call People have reported performance degradations with the new driver. The game would not launch, and would instead sit in the background using up a negligible amount of CPU and memory resources.

However, those amd chipset patch ver 4.45 dark days are over, as you can finally play the game again, thanks to a beta driver update.
Let's Talk Clocks, Voltages and Destiny 2 AMD lays out some of the issues users have been facing with the 3rd Gen Ryzen chips.