alive character design pdf

I've finally gotten my hands on this book.
This isnt entirely what manual I wanted to lean about giving animals character.
These include examples, but the examples audio are all of manual different things using different approaches and ebook you have to really understand accelerator what the words are inferring to understand the examples and chance it can be a bit confusing.The book starts with the definition of character design, basic principles and procedures for character design, sources of inspiration, concept development, techniques and even talks about the handling of proposals.The book ends with interviews with five top character designers, namely Dean Yeagle, Stephen Silver, Florian Satzinger, Francisco Herrera and Ben Caldwell.The pages are packed with unique and expressive characters reti which are a joy to look.There's even a chapter on inanimate character designs which gives tips on how you can turn static household objects alive.But it has the feel of an art book more than an instructive text, sprinkled with the odd tip but nothing overly useful.This is evanovich combined with a halting and sometimes overcomplicated way of wording and discussing topics which makes me think it was done by a translator rather than the impassioned words of the artist.I spent a lot of time waiting for it as the date got pushed back multiple times.From there accelerator it goes into character categories: Female Characters here the author has decided female characters are entirely and exclusively about creating distinctive sexuality and beauty.Every character in this section and explanation is about large-breasted, narrow-waisted women in provocative public poses wearing revealing outfits.No final words of wisdom or suggestions on how to tie everything together.Male Characters - Highlighting the Characters Heroism implies you are going to get island a very shallow view, and that is pretty much what the section is, filled only with heroic male championship characters.They honor are all accompanied by insightful commentary and really gives you lots to think about when designing your own excel characters.Lots of individual characters that he drew for commissions are analysed.How to illustratively build characters with extra legs, strange joints, missing limbs while making them look like they anatomically correct.Male Characters is really only Heroic Male Characters and has about three other sections devoted to male character types. The reason there are included is not mentioned, and why it is referred to as an appendix is beyond.
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The views expressed are quite narrow, applying for the most part only to traditional cartooning styles and very cliché archetypes, bringing alive character design pdf to mind the narrow Disney character designs and their very set formulas.
This should be one of top 2011 art books.