Tape erasing Any signaIs previously recorded on the tape will be automatically erased as word a new recording is made.
Do not use magnetized to ols express in the vicinity of the heads.
Set to 50 Hz or 60 Hz according to area power source.100 V to 120 V :.5 A, 250 V fuse; 200 V to 240 V: 1 A, 125 V fuse.I have found tho, the din cords are hard to find.10 lefl o.Automa TIC shut-OFF button The Automat ic Shul-Off Buuon Shut-Off Lever.Fast forward rewind To effect fast forward or rewind, depress Fast Forward or Rewind Button game of control panel.Tape selector switch.Connect microphones to Microphone Jacks and connect the line outputs of external source to the Line crack Input Jacks.Independent line and microphone recording level controls word and input jacks enable signais from tutorials microphone and signais from other sources to be blended and recorded simultaneously on the tape.Pinch wheel capstan cleaning Magnetic particles manual from the tape or oil adhering to Pinch Wheel or Capstan will cause irregularity in tape transport as weil as deterioration of sound quality.Connect the Line Output of this model to the tape inputs of your stereo with amplifier owner and connect a pair of speakers to the amplifier.The platinum GX-265D employs a 3 motor drive system with a new AC Servo Motor for direct capstan drive.Lock reels into place pulling tip of retainer on reel shaft outward and turning to left zend or right.Adjust left and right Volume Controls of the GX-285D game and volume controls, etc.Se l to ON positi o n when usi ng Aka i Super Range Tape o r o th er mak e lo w no ise magnelic lape.UNE crack input jacks (lert right).Not with int e rl ocked w ith fr o nt panel Po wer Sw it.With the recorder set to recording mode, the input level is registered on the VU Meters, but the recording level can be more precisely set by adjusting the volume controls while monitoring input signaIs through stereo headphones. Signal to Noise Ratio: 56dB, total harmonic distortion:.5, input: 70mV (line 3mV studio (DIN.25mV (mic).
Defective or worn tape.

I have 2 of them and they are fun to play around with.
The recording level is akai 265d owner manual controlled wit h the Line Reco rding Level Con trois.