If the express injector is functioning electrically, it platinum may be clogged manual with fuel varnish deposits.
The O2 reading will also be high.
Hi, My Thursday: Driving around town and engine starts to run a head bit rough.
But I head really wont know my options till Mon.; I haven't driven over 2,000 rpm; theres your problem.Misfire in two "paired" cylinders in an engine that has a distributorless ignition cracked system (DIS) would usually tell you the DIS system has a bad coil.On most engines, intake vacuum should be steady between 16 and 22 inches.Used Cars for Sale 2019 runner Toyota 4Runner For Sale 40 Great Deals cadillac out of 23,401 listings starting at 28,167 2018 Toyota 4Runner For Sale 67 Great Deals out of 2,113 listings starting at 24,395 2017 Toyota 4Runner For Sale 26 Great Deals out of 1,182.Momentarily enrich the idle mixture.5.0 CO by directing propane into the throttle body.Home questions toyota / 4Runner / I have a coolant leak coming from just above the end plate of the cylinder head.Everything on this truck ran great until this happened.An EGR valve that is stuck head open at idle can have the same effect as a vacuum leak.If this fails, replace the EGR valve.At part and full throttle, more air is entering the engine through the throttle opening so a vacuum leak has less effect on the air/fuel cracked ratio.Plastic express keyboard intake manifolds can be easily damaged rider by excessive pressure.Common leak paths include the throttle body gaskets, intake manifold gasket, any of the engine vacuum fittings, hoses or vacuum-operated accessories (such as the power brake cracked booster or evap canister purge valve).These can sometimes leak.Search, related Models For Sale, used Ford F-150 2,578 Great Deals out of 212,728 listings starting at 1,281.A third method is to replace the EGR valve and see if that cures the random misfire problem.I would like some info - what do you guys think I should do if they cracked are cracked?Lol I just kept it under 2k for the 5 mile drive to the shop.Repeat the cranking compression test. If an injector shows cracked a significantly lower pressure drop than the others, it is restricted and should be cleaned or replaced.
Use caution because propane is highly flammable and can be ignited by a spark or flame.
It can also be caused my ignition misfire due to worn or fouled spark plugs, bad spark plug wires, or weak ignition coil.

If you see bubbles, you have found the leak.
A faster technique for finding vacuum leaks is to get a bottle of propane and attach a length of rubber hose to the gas valve.
Yesterday 99 4runner cracked head it had no problems, no symptoms, ran like a dream.