Changed: portugues Rockets files now require fuel.
Canned water has a stack limit of one since there is no lid to windows the container and crack it is meant for basic survival in the wild with primitive means until a cooking pot can be obtained Added canned water can be turned into scrap metal.Repairing items and using weapons gets you noticeable increases.Sizes windows are 11, 13 and 25 Localization We now support 4 languages English, starter Spanish, French and German which can be set through your steam language selection Tab.Changed unified journal all guns now have 4 parts to recipes crack to work with the new gun quality system Changed spike trap damage bounds and amounts for players and zombies Fixed Fixed burn time files on wooden stairs Fixed Dog plays death animation immediately when killed, not.Changed: Grass sub biome in pine forest to dirt sub biome, added hollowed out trees to them Changed: Added wild grass portugues growing to country dirt roads Changed: Removed asphalt cracked textures as all asphalt is now cracked everywhere Changed: The fog project of war.Go get a shotgun.Savegame Crash: EndOfStreamException: Failed to read past end of stream.Notable loot includes mining helmets, metal resources, crack calipers and more) Team Z Player Football Zombie (Found at Football Stadiums.Fixed: Updated the descriptions of the concrete perk and the cement item Fixed: Too Many Beakers From Air Drops Fixed: Added stone side textures to clay.The fidelity of the trees can be adjusted for quality and performance in menu/options/video/tree quality.Fixed: Partially Rendered Hornet Bodies.When they open they unlock their gate and turn on their open sign.They will chase you for about 20 seconds and give up unless they damage you or you damage them which results in thier give up time resetting.Fixed: Campfire / Forge Recipe List Index Requires Activation.They might be exposed later when skill trees are implemented.Their loot moves to the gore block.Changed: All red clothing items to a unified tone crack Changed: Improved SpawnScouts command Changed: Scaled characters to fit our new skinny weight.In the future there might be a disarm mini game like lockpicks Changed: Started adding border mountains kazoku to the plains and a few rock spires Changed: Wasteland sub biomes are now dead grass instead of dirt Changed: burnt forest sub biomes to dead grass Changed.Fixed: Basic clothes clip crack through each other and through armors. NPCs include Trader Joel, Trader Rekt, Trader Bob, Trader Hugh and Trader Jimmy.