YES After the snapstream engine has stalled:.
Ignition Wet Wipe off with a dry cloth and correct the spark plug gaps, or portugues replace the spark plugs.
Every 26600 mi (42000 km) Since these items require special tools, data and technical skills, have a Yamaha dealer perform the service.EAU16680 note: crack To shift the transmission into the neutral position, press the shift pedal down repeatedly until it reaches the end of setup its travel, and then slightly raise.Your crack assessment is crack very keikaku important for improving starter the work of artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project Related manuals Do you need crack a help?Check each hose and canister yamaha for cracks or damage.Replace gasket(s) if necessary.Odometer/tripmeter/fuel reserve tripmeter/clock.Lubricate the throttle grip housing and cable.With setup the fuel cock lever in this position, the fuel reserve is made available.If electrical accessories exceed the capacity of the motorcycles electrical system, an electric failure could result, which could cause a dangerous loss of lights or engine power.Place the panel in the original position, and then install the screw.Final gear oil Check oil level and for oil leakage.7 7-3 ok Page 1 Monday, March 15, 2004 4:00 PM specifications Dimensions: Overall length: 2505 mm consulting (98.6 in) Overall width: 1010 mm (39.8 snapstream in) Overall height: 1525 mm (60.0 in) Seat height: 740 mm (29.1 in) Wheelbase: 1715 mm (67.5 in) Ground clearance: 150.The engine should never be operated without the air filter element installed, otherwise the piston(s) and/or cylinder(s) may become excessively worn.To avoid the possibility of an accident, use extreme caution when adding cargo or accessories to your motorcycle.Fuel meter The speedometer unit is equipped with the following: a digital speedometer (which shows riding speed) an odometer (which shows the total distance traveled) two tripmeters (which show the distance traveled since they were last set to zero) a fuel reserve tripmeter (which shows.Note: A note provides key information to make procedures easier or clearer.Press the RES/ACC (resume/accelerate) side of the cruise control switch to increase the set speed or the SET/DEC side to decrease setup the speed.Note: After resetting the fuel reserve tripmeter, the display will return to the prior mode. EAU35151 Speedometer unit.
The gear positions are shown in the illustration.