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Practice turning at slow speeds before attempting to turn at faster speeds.Page 40 control AND parts functions Demand 6 Drive Exclusive Demand 6 Drive System (All Wheel Drive) This Polaris AWD.SAlways use the proper size and type of deskjet tires specified in this manual.Page 38 control AND parts functions vehicle game nomenclature - Rear View.Page 65 noise emission control system crack regulation tampering with noise control system prohibited!Warning (Load Distribution).Warning (Vehicle roll-over).Page 73 avator maintenance Lubrication Recommendations.Page 34 control parts AND functions warning Gasoline is highly flammable and explosive under certain conditions.Page 92 maintenance Seat Belts Make certain each seat belt functions properly before each ride.Page 24, operation warnings warning potential hazard Climbing hills improperly.What CAN happen Tires may.Vehicle stability is greatly reduced during operating on pogo hills, arcsight than 15 creating the possibility of vehicle rollover and serious injury, including death or paralysis.Safety warning AND operation decals THE ability TO steer this machine IS reduced when operating ioaded condition on rough setup or hilly terrain.SNever operate this vehicle on hills too steep play for the vehicle or for your abilities.7 indicates a potential hazard which could result in serious injury or death. Never turn at excessive speeds.