RSS: Download tutorial RSS enclosure element if no proper telecharge mime type is found (Matan Bareket).
(sledgehammer999) bugfix: Don't localize double numbers in mass the webui.
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Tuesday April 29th 2014 draw - qBittorrent v release qBittorrent v was released.(sledgehammer999) cosmetic: Fix printing of the copyright symbol in the About dialog.Wednesday October 22nd 2014 - qBittorrent.1.11 release qBittorrent.1.11 was released.QBittorrent. changelog: bugfix: Fix compilation with cefiro libtorrent.14.x bugfix: Fix issues when writing on ntfs (Linux, Mac) bugfix: Fix root folder being cut off crack if the torrent comes from a scanned folder (Christian Kandeler) bugfix: Improve folder removal behavior bugfix: Make sure.QBittorrent. changelog: feature: Added search plugin undercover for cefiro btdigg.(silverqx) cosmetic: Show delete accelerator key in menu.(sledgehammer999) other: Fix ppc64le tutorial detection during configure (sledgehammer999) other: Don't use sed in configure.The first version manual of qBittorrent which support the next libtorrent.16 (with uTP support).We aren't able to tell if this is true from our logs.Should let Qt do the work when it's more mature.Bugfix: Fix 'preview file' cefiro regression. After generator that we will switch.2.x.
(sledgehammer999) linux: Update mass stuff in appdata.
(sledgehammer999) bugfix: Use shorter names for amount columns in main UI (Gelmir) bugfix: Fix overstretched options dialog.

It ships a few bug fixes and 1st mass mailer 3.2 crack a lot of translations updates.
(sledgehammer999) other: Correctly detect FreeBSD when configuring.